1. All sold goods can't be return unless due to defect only. The return due to defect will be replaced with a new stock available.

2. Any changes of order will be entertained only before the delivery process. Any changes after the delivery will not be entertained anymore. If your order has already been shipped then you can NOT cancel your order.

3. Please refer the size carefully when choose any size. Any changes due to size purposes are allowed within one week only for normal purchase and one month only for wholesale purchase and all related cost due to changes will be bear 100% by the customer.

4. For any return purposes, please provide your order number or invoice or receipt and make sure that the product still unused and have their original brand tag. Please return the item in its initial condition. 

5. Please be advised that colours might vary slightly from actual product due to photography and caption setting.

6. The size may be vary slightly due to the imprecise measurement. But no worries as it just vary very slightly... ^_^

7. All items are carefully checked before delivery to ensure it is good in condition.

PAYMENT METHODS (e.g: Manual money transfer, online banking..)

1. We accept orders made via order form OR email (allyblossomshop@gmail.com) and we will reply you within 24 hours. 

2. We only offer Maybank and CIMB  money transfer (manual/online)

3. Fill in your details through Order Form

4. Please give us at least 24 hours to reply you back with further instructions.

5. Orders will not be sent out until your money order is received.

6. Once your money is received, you should receive an email confirmation.

7. If your money order isn't received within 48 hours, then your pending order will be automatically canceled.

8. Let us know when you've made your payment, and email (allyblossomshop@gmail.com) us the image of the the scanned receipt of the transaction made or simply forward us the banking transaction email (VERY IMPORTANT). 
You can scan/take photo, as long as we can confirm that you've made your payment.


000 - 500g ~ RM6
501 - 750g ~ RM7
751 - 1.0kg ~ RM9
1.00 - 1.25kg ~ RM10
1.25 - 1.50kg ~ RM11

000 - 500g ~ RM9
501 - 750g ~ RM12
751 - 1.0kg ~ RM15
1.00 - 1.25kg ~ RM17
1.25 - 1.50kg ~ RM20

000 - 500g ~ RM9
501 - 750g ~ RM11
751 - 1.0kg ~ RM13
1.00 - 1.25kg ~ RM15
1.25 - 1.50kg ~ RM17

2-4 days delivery
000 - 500g ~ RM55
RM6.00 penambahan
utk 0.25kg berikutnya

2-4 days delivery
000 - 500g ~ RM50
RM5.00 penambahan
utk 0.25kg berikutnya

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